16-Who we are ?

Maryse Souchard

  • BlossomEquine behaviourist – Label ASETS (French Society for the Study of Animal Behaviour)


  • University of Rennes in scientific Ethology of the horse degree
  • Rider Level 7
  • Full Nature Level 7
  • Hitch Level 5
  • Ethology Savoir 5

Pierre à chevalPierre Bahette

  • Full Nature Level 5
  • Hitch Level 5
  • Meneur Bronze
  • Maintenance and Stewardship

Our Horses

Isba, Blossom, Dobbin, Bahia, Cherazade, Dreky and Skerpa live in meadows, barefoot and work without bit (except to the hitch). They each have their saddles and equipment. We educate in comfort and confidence.

Photo de groupe (croupes)